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Even if a person were shot from the front, they could still fall forward over the railing. In fact, if enough of the bullet's force actually transfered to the motion of the body alter the direction of fall, than not enough of that momentum would remain to physically penetrate flesh.

In fact, the development of the bullet is based on the fact that it strikes so quickly that none of the force can be transferred to other parts of the body, and instead focuses it all on a circle of about an inch in diameter.

So, once the bullet has done its damage, the governing factor on the direction of fall will be the center of balance at the time the person was shot.

A shotgun (using buckshot) disperses its force even more, and so will have an even more insignificant effect on body motion.

Tl;dr version: I'm removing the section that states that it's illogical to be shot from the front and fall forwards over a railing.

  • I've added it back with a note; it often occurs inconsistently with weapons that normally cause Blown Across the Room making people fall forwards if there's a Railing Kill available.

Thunder Phoenix: I once had one poor bastard in City of Villains end up like this, hanging apparently by his teeth.