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Dark Sasami: This entry appears to be poised and ready to supersede the problematic Team Rocket.

Red Shoe: Possibly, but I think they could work in tandem, kinda the duals of the Power Trio and the Five-Man Band.

Ununnilium: The Quirky Miniboss Squad are the actual bad guys of the series/season/arc. The Team Rocket may or may not be; ones that are are a subset of the above. They're not the same.

  • You mean "minions of the actual bad guys"? —Document N

Osh: Yeah, the main difference is that while both groups can look stupid, you generally only have to worry about one.

Nobody Much: The Gothlolis aren't anything of the kind. Not only are they not really opponents, they have no individual personalities.

Cosmetor: We should separate bosses which fight as a group and support and interact with each other from bosses who are part of a group but sent out individually. The best way to illustrate the difference is a game which has both: Final Fantasy IV. The Magus Sisters are the former, as they are a single boss encounter made up of all of them, and they are designed to play off each other's strengths; the Elemental Fiends are the latter, as they all attack you one by one, have their own plans, and the like, acting mainly as individuals (I know there's a Sequential Boss fight against all of them later, but you can see my point). This trope name should be used for the first kind, since the second are usually full bosses in their own right. So what should the second be called?

fleb: Cutting this, because A, they're a Legion of Doom, and B, arggggh.
* The "Society of Ulimtaye Villany" from Transformers Animated.

...And this Teen Titans bit of natter, because the second person's obviously right.
  • I know Mallah lasted longer, but if anyone's The Dragon, I'd vote the one who could take any damage up to and including liquification and change appearance/voice at will (Madame Rouge).
    • Lasted longer in the final battle, did so to personally protect the Big Bad, and has a history with him stretching back to the season premiere. Mallah's the Dragon.


What about Robocop?