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Andyroid: Removed the Pokémon example, that falls under Line-of-Sight Name.
Medinoc: Shouldn't the Yu-Gi-Oh! example be moved to Meaningful Name ?
slowroasted: Removed the redundant wrestling example.
Sean Tucker: Just to explain the Evangelion example:

Asuka's middle name (Langley) can be bastardized as "Rangrey" using a grammar quirk of the Japanese language.

Say that out loud; it should be a near-homonym of "angry". "Angry" tends to be a decent enough word to describe Asuka.
Kusamaki: Just because I'm a newb and curious, light novels fall under Anime, not Literature amiright?
Grev: Removed Gadget from Rescue Rangers example. That's simply a Meaningful Name. If it describes what the character does, it's a Meaningful Name. It's a Punny Name only if it makes a pun independently of anything else. (they can overlap)
sd: Does Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It qualify?