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Morgan Wick: The opponent just looks down and smiles, completely unharmed, giving the hero a moment of sudden dread before inflicting some violence upon him in return. This reads as the hero being the one "inflicting some violence". Was that what was meant?

Tanto: I didn't read it like that. I think it goes...

"The opponent just looks down and smiles. . . before inflicting some violence upon him in return."

Probably needs a comma after "dread".

Looney Toons: Quite right. Commaed.
Looney Toons: Snipped the following for being Troper Tales territory:

Truth in Television
  • This troper has seen this happen at a party IRL, with a 16 year old biker-wannabe trying to impress his friends by antagonizing a 21 year old, rather larger and (fortunately) amicable drunk. 1) Drunk don't want to fight, telling them to get lost. 2) Moped-rocker starts punching him in the stomach/chest. 3) Drunk starts grinning, then laughing out loud. (imagine the fists slowing down, stopping) 4) Entire 'gang' slinks off to the amusement of the spectators.