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Silent Hunter: Dunno what happened to the YKTTW, but here it is. What's Giri Giri when it's at home?

Ruthie A: I'm not one hundred percent certain, but I think the Troper who added the Star Trek: Voyager example combined two separate instances of Seven of Nine nudity—once when the young Q made her clothes disappear in a somewhat futile attempt to embarrass her and once when, in a Dream Sequence, she poses for The Doctor(not that one)'s painting. I don't want to go and change someone's example unless I'm absolutely certain, though.

Stargate70: Your right. I don't think the two incidents really fit this trope.

Tina Russell: I think those trope page ideas would be awesome. Shouldn’t saving the world always involve getting naked?
Silent Hunter: There's a brilliant Coronation Street example that ends up with a 20-metre tall picture of Dev naked being unveiled in public, but since I'm not a Corrie watcher, someone needs to fill in the details.
Shadow Dog: A small section of the wiki?