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Jesin: I'm sorry, but Dark Meta Knight as the page image? I mean, what? Proud warrior guy who considers honor important, yes, but the trope is about guys from a proud warrior race. That doesn't really seem to fit Meta Knight or Dark Meta Knight.

Kraas: Plus he's also the page image for Worthy Opponent.

Xi Whoeverski: Drawing on Jesin's comment, surely it's asking for trouble to have a page image that doesn't entirely fit the trope. It's almost encouraging people to give examples that don't quite fit.

Man Without A Body: Somebody put it back up. I'm removin' it again.
"Pick up the sword. The fight must be fair."

Looney Toons: I've temporarily moved some of the main page's excess "discussion" here, particularly stuff which has spawned its own pages already.

Q: Just an observation: whenever I see a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode in the "Klingon empire" arc, it occurs to me that the Klingons talk a lot about honor, but except for Worf himself, Klingons really don't act very honorably. Is this part of the PWRG trope, or separate? Is it even applicable to other Proud Warrior Races, or is it just Klingons? — Devil's Advocate

A: That was certainly part of the trope I was thinking of with the entry, although I wasn't able to get the idea down quite right. I think it applies to the Narn as well. It may be a separate trope to do with hypocrisy, though. My Species Doth Protest Too Much, perhaps? — Rain Of Toads

Medinoc: Is there any Sci-Fi universe where the Proud Warrior Race Guy is in fact, a human ? Humans are (or were) known for drawing weapons for a mere insult, and have spent millennia slaugtering one another. That sounds pretty "proud" and pretty warrior to me...

UT: As I just added, SW's Mandalorians. Also, removed Red XIII in the same edit because...well, he isn't. He's motivated to defend his home soil, and definitely isn't psychotically violent.

There's also Warhammer 40,000's...uh, everything. Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Sisters of'd be hard-pressed to find a combat-capable human faction in the setting that doesn't fit this trope.
Semi-Known Troper:Can someone clarify the differance between this and Blood Knight. I've added a line about the apparent differance in conduct but on reading the Blood Knight page this is not correct either

Ktr: simple answer: Blood Knight is just a violent warrior dude, this trope is about a violent warrior dude from a violent warrior culture.
Qit el-Remel:It's been suggested that the Ronso from Final Fantasy X and X-2 are a Proud Warrior Race (witness Biran and Yenke picking fights with Kimahri).
Nornagest: Gah. Sorry for the flurry of minor edits surrounding the Wheel of Time example; I'm clearly not at my best today. Heck, I don't even like the series all that much.

Oh, and to answer Medinoc's question? Yeah, humans are occasionally characterized like this. It's rather common in military sci-fi, usually as a way of handwaving how we can kick the crap out of every other species in sight despite (usually) lacking their technology or spacefaring experience. I'd add a couple of examples, but they fall squarely into ...Or So I Heard territory.
Novium: I'm not sure if this line - "Proud", in this case, meaning "Psychotically Violent"- applies to everything in this trope. it To me it seems that the whole stoic-and-steadfast-and-silent thing is played with instead in equal measure.
Shadow Queen: Wow, I put up the picture of Dark Meta Knight, not Meta Knight! Ah well, it's still a fitting image.

Crowley: Indeed it is. But I have I problem: I'm having trouble linking the picture to the Kirby article for some reason...could someone else help?
North Raider: To add to the Marvel Comics Alien Races discussion, I think the Inhumans (the human/Kree hybrids) count as a somewhat benign version of the trope. Black Bolt, Medusa and Gorgon particularly seem to play the trope to the letter, while Crystal is more of a subversion. Justified in the way they were originally engineered and in that they're fairly few in number and are thus very protective of their kind.
Gemmifer: A lot of examples don't count, I think. The drow for example may be many things among them deadly, wild and Always Chaotic Evil but they're no Proud Warriors.

Viv: Who nuked the Real Life section? Reverted.