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Antheia: I'm moving a couple of examples to Nightmare Fuel Unleaded, since they aren't targeted to kids:

  • Pick a Nine Inch Nails video. Almost any NIN video.
  • Though Nightmare Fuel is probably the entire point of Schlock Mercenary's "Schlocktoberfest" stories, the storylines can range from the merely macabre to the downright terrifying. This editor is still trying to repress the most recent storyline (involving, among other things, a grotesque, animated headless corpse, and nanobots leaping from said corpse after turning into miniature lizardlike monsters bent on destruction).
  • From which manga was the picture taken from?

Caswin: On that last note, are there any other images we could use? To be perfectly honest, it gives me the jibblies. (Probably the art style. It's the mouth that gets me. Then again, guess that's the point...)

The Grim Sleeper: Could somebody explain to me the differance between this and ordinary Nightmare Fuel

Robert: It's a specific subtrope - just for those fears which are instinctive: the dark, enclosed places, snakes, etc. All primal fears are nightmare fuel but not vice versa. The other types can be just as terrifying, but they work in different ways. Tropes the size of Nightmare Fuel need subtropes.

Inkblot: But don't worry! Give it four months and there won't be any difference at all! Just like High Octane Nightmare Fuel. Seriously though, people are just going to keep adding new categories until the trope is diluted out of existence.
Bring The Noise: Cut this page quote. Three is a bit much, really:

I honestly really was afraid of being abducted by aliens...I would hear things when I was sitting there in my bed. I would hear- I dunno, something, I guess it would be jets, but we had weird jets- you would hear the rumbling and it would just stop- it wouldn't trail off like a jet or a plane should. So here in my brain I just sort of translated that as "Okay, it's flying, it's flying, and it's stopped directly over my house!" And I wouldn't think,"Hahaha I'm so funny", I would think, "Holy fuck, I'm doomed..."
Jhonen Vasquez, ComiCon 2005

Guest: Is it just me or does the guy in the image kinda look like Stan Marsh? Speaking of which that picture would probably turn from scary to hilarious if Eric Cartman was the one in there.

Anoniguy: Seriously, what manga is the page image from? I would love to read it. Is it from that one, something like... 'bizarre occurrence at katakuri fault'...? Wait, never mind. It's from Far Flung Adventures: Corby Flood.