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From YKTTW Working Title: Press X To Die

Mman: This trope seems confused to me; the trope seems to imply things that are specifically added for no purpose whatsoever other than to kill the player if they do it (like the examples of spells that kill everyone, including you if you use it). Yet it has stuff like jumping out a window or walking into a fire as examples, so it's essentially been turned into "any time you can do something dumb to kill yourself" (so you could basically list any game that doesn't play itself). The negative tone of the description doesn't help in this regard (implying that a game not hand-holding you from doing anything completely stupid is a bad thing).

Mman: I've cleaned up the examples that were "doing something stupid in this level will kill you" (since otherwise this trope would need pretty much every game ever made) and kept the ones that are gameplay mechanics/moves or blatant Schmuck Bait. I also tweaked the description to remove the "this is always bad" tone which seemed pointlessly Serious Business for something intended as a joke 90% of the time.