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Working Title: Precision F Strike: From YKTTW

WVI: I was kind of hoping for a self-demonstrating article!

Poly: Heh. Looks like someone else has had the same idea. Would it be better if the fuck were moved until the very, very end? i.e. article finishes.


WVI: That was me! I hope no one reminds me removing the quotes just for the sake of a joke. I mean, we do have an examples section, so. >_> The only problem I worry about is censoring some of the examples for it.

P: Sounds good. I just editted the page to remove references to the page quote and add a ..., just so the Fuck at the end stands out a bit more.

WVI: Yay!

Poly: Can we think of something witty for Laconic wiki? It was simply "fuck" at one point, which was a bit inelegant, but what we've got now just seems plain clumsy.

Nohbody: I didn't see the need for two Transformers movie (1986) entries, so I combined them into one.

Caswin: Before my edit duel with Trogga gets out of hand, if it hasn't already: I might have misinterpreted that last comment. However, though it is rarely used in polite conversation these days and probably wasn't meant to reflect well on Aunt Marge, "bitch" is a perfectly legitimate word for a female dog that eventually became a profane insult when applied to a person or situation.

Trogga: That doesn't explain the "first common American English swear" part.

Caswin: I can't fully explain that myself, although speaking as an American, that's the first and only major profanity I remember in the series. It might be referring to "bloody" and things like that. At any rate, that's no reason to delete the entire entry.

Caswin: Someone edited it to claim that it referred to Harry's mother, never mind that she was shouting at Bellatrix Lestrange. It was cut again on the grounds of "Now it counts even less!" Um... I have no idea what anyone is talking about anymore.

Debussy: I just edited the Stephen Fry section and thought I should provide a bit of background: I go to a lot of TV recordings and have seen many broadcasters use the trick of swearing to make footage unuseable, particularly when they've said something potentially libellous. I was at a recording of QI a few months ago and discovered Stephen Fry is also a fan of this trick, and that he uses the word "cunt" delightfully.

conn!: Would Pulp Fiction's breakfast scene qualify as example? I mean, the movie is definitely a Cluster F Bomb, and there had in fact been a handful of F Bombs dropped prior to the scene, but the breakfast scene feels different. It's calm, somewhat jovial even, with Samuel L. Jackson eating breakfast and then suddenly he's flipping tables and screaming "ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?".


Silverevilchao: Would anybody happen to have a video of Sousuke's precision F-strike? >.>;; Anyone?


Anon: Would the Ocean's Eleven count as "frustration"? Yen would have died if they had blown the door earlier. It was more for moment of funny, I think, than frustration.