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Darksasami: Is this a camera trick or a trope? I ask because this can be shot in different ways--you can go low and show the whole cast, or you can go waist-up closeup and pan across to get the same effect. Or you can combine the two. The closing credits of The Real Ghostbusters features one shot low but with the camera trucking back and keeping pace. There's a power walk in Once More With Feeling that's pretty much all over the place. So is it the camerawork or the action that's the trope here?

Gus I'd vote "both". You could easily put "power walk" into stage direction and let the director/DP handle it from there.

Planish: What would you call that scene in Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring where we see the fellowship coming over the top of a hill one or two at a time (just before the crebain from Dunland fly over, IIRC)? It's not in slo-mo, and you don't see them all at once, but it has the feel of "here we are setting out on this Great Quest". It's more of a Hero Shot in motion, perhaps.

Fly: Do we have to use the same picture for both this and Unflinching Walk?

AndyWaltfeld: Depends. If we can expand the definition to apply to a solo character, we can cite the second intro/outro of Death Note and use an image of Light walking through traffic for one of them.