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  • In Super Smash Bros., Captain Falcon and Ganondorf fight with prominent fist-attacks (FAAALCOON PAUNCH!), in the latter case powered by darkness.

Sunder The Gold: This trope is for weaponized hands and fists, not boxers or punching techniques. If they were using brass knuckles, they would count.

Large Blunt Object: Replaced the previous image with this, because I think it illustrates the concept a bit better. Put Calgar-on-his-throne in Cool, but Inefficient.

Khathi: Actually, I liked Papa Smurf better, but this is also ok, i think.

Sunder The Gold: Attempted to move junk in here, and got lost by the internet. Now moving more junk that has nothing to do with WEAPONS WORN ON FISTS.

  • Seiji from Midori no Hibi had earned the nickname "The Devil's Right Hand" for his devastating right hook. When he showed up one day wearing bandages on his "hand," it was immediately assumed that he had somehow punched through the engine block of a yakuza's car. The irony is, of course...

Wascally Wabbit: Changed Astartes to Space Marines for recognition/non-fan understandification (petty I know).

—- I'm almost sure the actual troper namer is Biker Mice from Mars. The generic leader fellow whose name I can never remember.. not Vinnie or Modo.. the other guy.. had one.. called it a power fist.. one time another guy had one.. yeah.

Biker Mice debuted in 1994. 40k was using power fists in 1987.