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I've always seen this called "orz", not OTL.

Red Shoe: I knew there was one with an R in it. I've seen OTL and orz (which my brain edited out because it doesn't work in uppercase), but, upon reflection, not OTZ.

dkellis: I've seen orz, ORZ, OTL, and STO. I remember a scene in Pani Poni Dash! where one character (I forget which) had "ORZ" (or was it "OTL"?) and "STO" in place of Blank White Eyes.

Of course, I've also seen "genuflect", but I blame that on 4chan.

Jefepato: Where's the image linked to in the second paragraph from?
Burai: Removed ...
* The video game Star Control II includes a race named the "Orz." Far from using the Pose of Supplication, the Orz are happy *people energy* who like *parties* and *dancing*.
... because cute as the coincidence is, it still has nothing to do with the subject. If it's not actually a use of trope, subversion, or meaningfully significant aversion, it's just not relevant example and hence is natter.

Woolie Wool: Isn't genuflection kneeling on one knee with the other held forward with the foot flat on the ground? This more resembles a partial kowtow