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What is the policy of adding examples here? i.E. may I add Hugh Quarshie as "a younger Michael Dorn"?

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Airbud: All this time, I thought Dr. Gaius and Dr. Bashir were the same actor. Weird.

Devil's Advocate: Removing the Mandy Patinkin-for-Antonio Banderas in The Princess Bride example, as TPB came out (1987) well before Banderas was widely known.

Seven Seals: Also, going by The Mask of Zorro, Banderas would have sucked as Inigo. Unless he channeled a whole lot of Puss-in-Boots, but even then...

wia: Is this actors only? Because it's also a pretty common trope in music (rerecordings of famous songs for use on commercials is the major offence). Blazing Saddles is actually why I thought of this, though: Attempts to hire a 'poor man's Frankie Laine to sing the theme resulted in Frankie Laine doing it himself.
Silent Hunter: Barrowman has appeared in a theatre version of A Few Good Men, but I don't think he played the Cruise role in that.

Calluna: Is this trope only for when an actor is replaced for a sequel/spinoff, or is it also for when you want a particular actor, but that actor isn't available?
Random Surfer: 1) Removed semi-duplicate John Barrowman entry. 2) I've heard/read the "five stages of an actor" before but this is the first I recall seeing it being credited to Ricardo Montalban. The Other Wiki mentions it but doesn't cite a source; it's in Mary Astor's article there too. Why is it here as his five stages particularly?

Morgan Wick: Would this be the place for non-actor examples? Because this is separate from wia's example above, but John Cougar/Mellencamp is the poor man's Bruce Springsteen. (Until recently I had thought "Small Town" and I think one other were Springsteen songs.)

Don't forget Phil La Marr's ability to replace Chris Rock in everything animaetd.

Regarding the "Robert Duncan Mc Neill as Robert Duncan Mc Neill" example: Supposedly, they wanted to use the actual Locarno character from the Next Generation, but didn't want to pay the writer of the original episode for every single Voyager episode, so the simply renamed him. : Would they really have to pay the writer of the original episode for every single Voyager episode because they use the character? Well, I know the story that way, that they consideres using the Locarno character, but didn't know how to Hand Wave him in (as he was thrown out of Starfleet), so they stick with a very similar character but with slight differences.