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arromdee: "A subset of the Odd Couple wherein the odd couple are identical twins. Usually brothers or sisters, with the exception of The Patty Duke Show"

From this I conclude that the Patty Duke Show features identical twins who are not brothers or sisters.

Someone familiar with the show, please fix this...

Looney Toons: No need to fix anything. The Patty Duke Show was about a pair of identical cousins; this was, in fact, written right into the theme song. (Later) Never mind, I see someone made the fix anyway.

Fly: Cutting Les Enfants Terribles and moving them to Sibling Yin-Yang.

Micah: I just trimmed the Gordon R. Dickson example substantially.

Grev: For whoever Cut Listed this...this is not Sibling Yin-Yang for main characters. This is Sibling Yin-Yang for twins...and was conceptualized in the first sentence: A form of the Odd Couple wherein the characters are identical twins. Also, I think this has been around a bit longer than Sibling Yin-Yang anyway.

fzzr_miller And a trope with this many wicks should be discussed in the forum rather than cut outright.

Madrugada Sibling Yin Yang may be newer, but it has more wicks. Discussion in the forums is tend toward merging the two. Please don't cut until we've had more time to talk about it and figure out how to handle it.

thatother1dude: It seems kind of pointless to have a separate article for tropes that are only differentiated by "any siblings" and "twins who form an Odd Couple". Especially when people are always going to have examples listed in both.

Merging is better than cutting, I just forgot that goes under repairs. It's probably better with Sibling Yin-Yang as the main article, because even if Different as Night and Day is older the other has more wicks and a much more descriptive name (any two things could be "different as night and day").

Looney Toons: I'm delisting this until all the various moves and rearrangements are made. Someone can feel free to cutlist it again when they're done.