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Rowena The Witch: please read Berlusconi's wikipedia page to see what I meant.

BT The P: I think the strawman president is better served by two categories: a strawman president that's an unpleasant crook defined by having the "wrong" opinions, and a President Mary Sue that is a shining beacon of perfection defined by having the "right" ones. The depictions are opposites, so having them under one name is not really correct.

Chuckg: Took out most of the Jack Ryan entry re: 'President Strawman', as the list of events was all wrong. Ryan didn't stop the missile in 'Bear and the Dragon', Dr. Gregory and the crew of the USS /Gettysburg/ did. He brought peace to the Middle East /before/ he was elected President, in 'Sum of All Fears'. And Treasury Secretary Winston did all the financial reform with his own financial genius, Ryan's involvement in that event was limited solely to nominating him for the job.

O Jthe LION: Uh, this was asked in the Invisible President discussion, but I'll ask here too: Where is the law that says that it's illegal to use the President's image in a commercial production? I've looked and looked after i read it on that page, but I can not find it. It might be "unethical" but I've never heard about it being illegal.

HeartBurn Kid: I'm pretty sure that there's no such law; after all, Contact uses actual footage of then-President Clinton (taken out of context from an unrelated speech), and Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay actually has George W. Bush as a character in the movie (an impersonator, obviously). Took it out.
Does it bug anyone else that this isn't called Our President Is Different instead? —Document N
Corrected a reference to President Jacobi from Freelancer being President Faux Action Girl. Faux Action Girl refers to a female character that is built up as being a Action Girl but isn't in practice, similar to Informed Ability. Jacobi is whatever the opposite of a Faux Action Girl is.
"World leaders"... isn't that somewhat... conceited?

Tanto: Um... what? Is it your position that heads of state are not world leaders?

Sabre Justice: I'm wondering if this should be incorporated into this article or proposed on its own- how about 'Prime Minister Toadie'- a foreign leader who dedicates himself to sucking up to the leaders of more powerful countries (read: The President of the USA). Any resemblance to Tony Blair or John Howard is entirely coincidental.

Deleted the spoilerized reference to President Bush under the "President Buffoon" subhead. It wasn't a specific example and was pure flamebait.