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Gus: Chopped out "The science fiction analogue to the Locked Room Mystery." because it isn't, really.

Haven: Took out some Conversation in the Main Page from under House of Stairs (My opinion: I thought it was great when I was a kid, but would probably find it narmariffic now.)

  • That book is absolute Nightmare Fuel. You have been warned.
    • "And they all began to dance..." shudder
    • YMMV. Pretty [[Narm narmful]], actually.

BritBllt: Doing some cutting...

  • At least in the "wakes up in a strange place with no idea how he got here" aspect, Memento.

It's not an Ontological Mystery. The mystery's not the setting, it's Lenny himself.

  • Ray Bradbury's Mars is Heaven! starts out as a sort of Ontological Mystery in the beginning. A crew from Earth land on Mars, which looks like Ohio at the turn of the 20th century. However, when their long lost dead relatives start appearing, it becomes more of a Lotus-Eater Machine story. It ends with a Downer Ending.

One of my favorite stories as a kid, and creepy as hell, but not an example. The astronauts landed on Mars: there's no doubt about how they got there or where they are, just about why it looks the way it does.

Like Lenny, Thomas Veil's in an ordinary, modern world. It's not an Ontological Mystery.

  • Who can forget the first one, played for laughs? Gilligan's Island. Of course the characters did not realize they were in an ontological mystery, but still it was one.

Um, no, this is getting into some serious Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory territory...

  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

It takes place behind the scenes of Hamlet, there's no mystery about the setting.

  • Silent Hill does this an awful lot, particularly in 3.

This one's borderline, but there's already a Dark World trope that describes that situation better.

I'm not seeing this one at all. I guess, kinda, sorta the Dream Zanarkand story, but given that that's not actually the game's setting, I can't see it fitting this trope at all.