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Discussion regarding renaming Cardinal Wolsey
Exactly... why isn't this a Subjective Trope? - Skarmory The PG

Man Without A Body: Removed the Boba Fett example, since he's probably the definitive Ensemble Darkhorse. I think this isn't a subjective trope because it's entirely intentional on the part of the filmmakers, and they hire an established actor for only a brief scene. Then again, maybe it is subjective, because it's when The Cameo becomes one of the most noteworthy scenes in the movie.

Morgan Wick: I say it is subjective simply because it's not always intentional. That said, this might just be drifting into duplicating The Cameo, especially the entries for the movies that make fun of the whole concept. And what does Henry Kissinger's line in the Colbert Report example have anything to do with Rock Me, Asmodeus!, unless someone thought it was a duplicate of The Power of Rock? Would Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy showing up in Coming to America fit, or is that more of a Callback?

Grimace: Odd question, but the page image - is that a screencap or a drawing? I honestly can't say for certain.

Howbout... House in The Borrowers?
Mac Phisto: Who was "Cardinal Wolsey"

Caswin: A character from the film A Man for All Seasons, who was originally so iconic as to be the Trope Namer. He has an entry on the page.