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Earnest: Isn't this the same as Critical Existence Failure? (Albeit with a more intuitive name?)

Ununnilium: No. CEF is "only the last Hit Point counts"; you have no negative effects from being hurt as long as you have a single slice of lifebar. This is "there are no Hit Points". One attack and you're dead.

Also, took out Sonic the Hedgehog; the Rings in the early games basically acted as a form of life-bar.

Cassius335: More like a second hit point, as I recall. IIRC, Sonic lost all collected rings in one hit.

Triterope: I can think of several 80s arcade games that were "two hit point wonders." The first hit removed your shields/armor/whatever, and the second one killed you. Sonic the Hedgehog should go into that category. Also, there were "multiple ship" games, most famously Galaga, where losing one of your ships didn't end your turn entirely.

Shadow Dog: The Contra thing really annoys me.

RelMark: Removed the Ghosts 'n Goblins example, since it was already included in a broader example earlier in the page.

SenatorJ: Here's an example I cut because a nearly identical example was two bullets up.
  • In the Delta Force PC games by Novalogic, you can only take one or two shots (maybe 3 if you have a vest and they're just using pistols) to die. However, all enemies take two shots at the absolute maximum (shooting a soldier in the leg instantly incapacitates them), and they're stupid and terrible shots.