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Darmok: I can't remember the name of that Clint Eastwood film. If anybody knows which one it is then feel free to add it to the main page and delete this comment.

"Fistful of Dollars", but I don't think that's the example of this trope - Eastwood's char does this on purpose, in order to prove that "revolvers are faster than rifles".

Mith: Took out
  • The Firefly episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds": Jayne's shot to disable the net, since after the first shot the suit providing oxygen to the gun was destroyed and they didn't have time to close the main door to set up another one. (Note, however, that not only does he make another shot in vacuum after the first one destroys the suit, but the gun as he described it wouldn't actually need oxygen to fire - one of the unfortunate cases where they Did Not Do The Research.)
Putting one hole in a suit would not instantly depressurize it, and as the example itself says, Jayne is able to take multiple shots.

If (quote) "The exchange itself [from Bugs Bunny] doesn't have anything to do with this trope, however." why the hell did they name this trope One Buwwet Weft instead of One Bullet Left'' so that people could actually understand what the hell this trope is about without having to click the link and read the explanation? *sigh*

prescience: Fixed.

Passer-By - Someone call the wahmbulance! A misspelled article! Jesus, people.

wit - I assume you want Sadly Mythtaken to be renamed to Sadly Mistaken next, wikipedian pedant?