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Mark Z: There wasn't a single episode of Star Trek that had a Briefcase Full of Money. Do we have some working definition of "Omnipresent", or is this completely arbitrary?

Mystyc: Honestly, it seems arbitrary right now. This really should only be things in a class with Big Bad, The Reveal, and Nobody Poops — tropes you absolutely cannot (and don't want to) avoid if you come anywhere near their territory. I'll see about filtering this down.

Mystyc: Elaborating on that working definition: If there's a series that completely averts a trope for its entire run (as opposed to a one-shot aversion for comic effect), it's not omnipresent. If a trope has an inverse equivalent trope, it's not omnipresent. If a trope only applies in narrow circumstances or environments, it's not omnipresent.

That Other 1 Dude: I though this referred to tropes that it's actually considered out of normal to not use them, and thus the pages for them are mostly subversion/aversion, like Instant Death Bullet (which is listed), Beauty Equals Goodness, or Death Is Dramatic.

Mystyc: Not only should it be out of the ordinary, it should be downright rare. Pages with only aversions/subversions should have very short lists of examples. I mean, if it keeps being averted, it's hardly omnipresent. Instant Death Bullet is actually borderline, but I left it on the list because, even though it's been averted a lot, people still always expect and accept it.

Mystyc: Also, I took out The Reveal, seeing as it has an entire trope dedicated to averting it — The Un-Reveal. I wouldn't mention it, except that I specifically called this one out earlier. My bad.

LORd: In case you're ever going to see this, Mystyc - and sorry about the tardy response - I only re-added Audible Sharpness to the list because it was index marked as such on its own trope page. I just assumed it was a leftover from The Great Crash. I see you've now taken care of that as well though, so I guess what I'm trying to say is, I don't mind you removing it...yeah.

That Other 1 Dude: Maybe we should have a separate page for what Mystyc is talking about in the second post. Tropes that are so basic as to be inherit in almost every piece of fiction, somethine like "Fundamental Tropes".

Mystyc: I don't know, I think it works for this page well enough. And if we did create Fundamental Tropes, what would Omnipresent become? Another hard and fast definition would probably be necessary. I definitely don't want to see it getting dozens long again — at one point, it seemed like every trope out there was going on the list for no good reason. I'm not trying to make this Serious Business or anything, but it shouldn't become a forum.

Black Charizard: Why does people keep adding One Steve Limit? Its very page has a long list of aversions! It's hardly omnipresent.

Mystyc: It probably keeps getting re-added because it's still indexed on its own page. However, I think it may belong here after all. Most of the aversions of OSL are jokes on the fact that it's being averted or a significant plot point. That seems like a reason that it should fit here — and I know that sort of goes against what I've said above, but I may have been overly strict.