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Josh the Aspie: Polymath redirects to Renaissance Man. Recent edits by one editor seem to have missed this fact. If there are no objections here in the near future, I will revert some changes, and move some of them to the correct page.

Morgan Wick: Does this not duplicate The Professor?

Seth: I didnt even know this page existed. They cover the same area but this one is less developed i say cut list it

Ununnilium: Noooooooot necessarily. Any TV or movie scientist can be an Omnidisciplinary Scientist; The Professor is an experienced scientist as part of the main cast. The first refers to what they know, while the second refers to their position in the show's hierarchy.

Seth: See that's dirty, i cant argue against that because I'm on record arguing the exact same point elsewhere.

Ununnilium: And so, Mr. Bond, you see there is nothing that you have that I cannot take away.

Pk Mario : In Spiderman 3, does it count when Dr. Connors tells Peter that he is a Physics professor and not a biologist but still will try to study the symbiote as lampshade hanging?

Seth: Since he was more or less a straight example in the animated series (Haven't read the old comics) i would say so.

Ununnilium: I'd put it as Lampshade Hanging.

Haven: To whoever put "he must have had a lot of free time in medical school" and bluetexted it with Justified Trope - presumably that was a joke, possibly you've just never met a med student in your life, but anyway, replaced it with something a little more appropriate.
Greenygal: Deleted "Captain Britain gets this treatment in a short-lived series after the run of Excalibur. He goes from an alcoholic violent brute with anger problems (early in his career) to inventing stuff that'd make Reed Richards cry." because a) none of that stuff precludes him being smart (and may be a tiny bit biased in any case...) and b) while Brian's technical skills are rarely referenced, they date back to his origin.