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I removed the Doyle entry. There wasn't anything stereotypically Irish about the character, he was just Irish (and played by an Irish actor to boot).

Off Side 7: Referring to all Irish dancing as "Riverdance" is probably more like referring to all anime as Pokemon, not Yu-gi-oh. Because the pokemon thing actually happens to me, all the time. I'll be sitting and drawing anime characters, either completely random, invented ones or ones for real anime... and almost invariably, someone will point to it and say, "oh, I see you draw Pohkeeman!" No one has ever looked at my art and said, "ah, Yu-gi-oh!"

DoKnowButchie: Removed the Huntik example. Yes, one shouldn't be able to travel from Kerry to Meath as easily as Sandra did. Still, that's Travelling at the Speed of Plot, and has nothing to do with the trope as presented; in fact, aside from Scarlet's stereotypically Irish looks, we see few, if any of the stereotypes presented in this page.