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Air Of Mystery: Don't tell me I'm the only one who's whispered "By the gods!" after playing God of War.

Kizor: Pulled this because (a) I'm being surly today, and (b) if it's common, won't it overtake the article? In fact, doesn't it look like it was already doing so? In any case, feel free to discuss the article on the discussion page, rather than in the article.

  • Truth in Television, this editor knows many pagans who use this expression, and it is the title of a pagan webcomic Oh My Gods!
    • This editor uses "Oh gods," on occasion, but mainly picked it up from reading the above mentioned Discworld books.
    • This editor has used "By Tautatis!" and "By the gods!" more than once.
    • [1]This troper]] has always found that saying "Zombie Raptor Jesus onna Pogo Stick!" gets her point across rather well...
    • This troper has no idea where she picked up "Oh gods," but it was probably from Dragonlance, Order of the Stick, and Discworld.
    • This troper has said "Oh Gods," "Oh, dear Gods," "by the Gods" and "I knew <blank>, but . . . gods, <blank>." He has no idea where he got it.
    • This troper has a tendency to moan "By all the gods" at the slightest provocation. Granted, she also uses "Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and every in-law from Nazareth to Bethlehem!" on a semi-regular basis.
  • This troper has a friend who does this all the time. And every last one of his RP characters do, too, regardless of whether it makes any sense for them to either be polytheists or do it as a fan thing/to be different/for laughs.
  • Cassy had a friend in Latin and Greek class who actually trained himself to exclaim "By Zeus!" among other things.

HeartBurn Kid: Added a note to ward off anecdotal examples. Also, just wanted to mention that I used to know an atheist who often used "Dear S Rand()!", a reference to the "cosmic random-number generator", in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

Haven: One fail point to whoever missed the fourth line under examples:
  • In Discworld, it's... complex. First of all a lot of people there are Flat-Earth Atheist. If anything, people swear to either all gods, or to any god listening. Omnians, on the other hand often shout oh my God with a capital letter. And Susan, of all people, did that once.

Also: put up a Troper Tales page.

I just wanna know why Historians are carving vulgarities in historical landmarks, that's all... Or was that just poor grammar?

Just for future reference: Oh My Arceus! Oh My Haruhi! Oh My Kira!
Is this an example of this trope, or just Getting Crap Past the Radar?
  • In an episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Boris Badenov exclaims "Heavens!" Natasha is shocked, and he explains that "They won't let me plug the competition."