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Your Obedient Serpent has female friends — not petite of figure — who insist that a properly-fitted corset is more comfortable and better support than a modern-day brassiere. By "properly-fitted", of course, they mean "not cinched down to create a tiny waist".

Bluetooth The Pirate: My associates with huge tracts of land agree. It's not the corset that's unhealthy, it's the tight-lacing.

Unless they're going for really authentic, modern corsets do not use whalebone. Much more flexible materials are used to give the effect while still allowing the woman to breath comfortably when laced up.

Dok Enkephalin: Nowadays, the only ones who complain about them are the ones who don't wear them. Women who wear corsets regularly find them to be comfortable. This troper owns a male corset and can agree; it's snug but comfortable, and feels like body armor.

Across The Stars: This troper can agree as well. While I have a particular liking for a corset laced tight enough to slim my waist down, the real purpose is to get rid of the pot-belly - I make no attempt to make my waist thinner, just emphasize a waist that's already a bit narrower than that of most girls my size. And as I too am one of the girls with "sizeable tracts of land", I can attest that corset or tightly laced bodice = goodbye backache. For the record, my corsets of preference use steel boning, although the usual choice is plastic (but then, most of the girls who wear them have a smaller allowance of the Most Common Superpower).

"Also, 98% of femmeslash fanfic." What?!

Doyle: I echo that 'What?' I've read a *lot* of femslash and the only corsets I've come across are in historical fandoms where the women would be wearing them.

Great name. The quote sucks though. Any lines about corsets being sexy?

[DoKnowButchie]: On it. I've been looking for quotes from sufficiently notable actresses, with not a lot of success. These are the best I've found so far, and they both need to be taken out of context to work.

"Look at my cleavage!"
Keira Knightley, succinctly explaining the trope name during the commentary for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, .

"Your waist is squeezed down, and your boobs are squeezed up."
Sienna Miller, discussing Casanova.

Our best bet would probably be the book The Corset Diaries or perhaps one of the volumes from the manga Emma, but I don't have easy access to those at the moment.

DoKnowButchie: So, I rewrote the article to better elaborate on the trope's different elements. I also replaced the picture to one that focused more on the corsetry and how it's sexy. In case anybody wants to change it back, the code for the Emma picture is:

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