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Rename: OedipusRex -> OedipusComplex launched as OedipusComplex: From YKTTW

Lale: I'm just wondering why this is listed as an Archetypal Character. From the description, it doesn't look like it's describing a character but a situation: father and son competition.

Adam850: And, what about the squicky part of the Oedipal Complex, wanting your mommy in a incestuous way?

Vampire Buddha: You think Oedipus had a problem? Adam was Eve's mother!

jaimeastorga2000: Don't you mean father? =P That would lend itself to the Electra complex... but I agree with Adam850. What about the mother part of the deal? The whole "kill the father, marry the mother" thing kinda go hand in hand... and even when only one is mentioned, it usually is the mother bit, such as in the VG Cats comic where Harry tells Ed he has an Oedipus complex (which he does, probably, looking back on it).

ILP: Shouldn't we change this trope name to Oedipus Tyrannus since it was written by the Greek Sophocles and "rex" is Latin?

Duckluck: Oedipus Rex is probably the most used title, for some reason. Oedipus the King seems to be gradually supplanting it though. Anyway, shouldn't the page for "Oedipus Rex" refer to the actual play Oedipus Rex rather than a somewhat related trope? The current name makes no sense.

Zeke: Removed Natter, integrating the relevant part. By the way, it's also worth remembering that "Cordy" wasn't all she seemed either. But we didn't know that at the time, and Squick is all about appearances — in this case the appearance of a woman sleeping with her love interest's son, whom we remembered as a baby just recently.

  • However, this troper has always wondered - the main objection to the Connor/Cordelia pairing seems to be "But she's older than him, and that's icky." Would the objection be half as strong if he were older than her? (Remember, after Connor's time in the hell dimension he was eighteen and she was only in her early twenties, where as Angel and Spike were respectively 1 and 2 CENTURIES older than Buffy. Double standard much?
    • Except that both Spike and Angel met Buffy when she already was a teenager/adult, while Cordelia changed Connor's nappies. She was the closest thing to a mother to him. That's what's the Squick factor is.

Zeke: Renamed to Oedipus Complex per YKTTW. By the way, it turns out I wasn't even the first to suggest the name change, it just wasn't carried out before.