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Tanto: Don't do this. It's tremendously stupid.
Medinoc: We so need something about the Star Trek movie, but I'm not competent enough in this domain to write the entry by myself...
Things I might do if not for Hofstadter's Law: look up what the deal is with DC Comics occasionally publishing a series with issue numbers running backwards, and add that to the page. —Document N
CA Lieber: "numerically numbered"? Gee, and they could have been alphabetically lettered instead.
In my opinion, the subversion where numbered sequels are replaced by weird aftertitles, deserves its own trope page too for being too common.

Let us give an example how sequel titles work with an imaginary series.
  • 1: Behemoths of Mali
  • 2: Behemoths of Mali 2
  • 3: Behemoths of Mali 3 - Resurrection
  • 4: Behemoths of Mali - Revival of the Ancient
  • 5: Behemoths of Mali