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Fast Eddie: Groovy entry. Thanks, Corahs Uncle.

Ununnilium: Dangit. Hanging around the edges of my brain is a quote that would be perfect for the page quote, along the lines of "The Golden Age of science fiction is ten."

Robert: Googling, the age normally cited is between twelve and fourteen, but the quote appears to come from an otherwise unknown fan.

Ununnilium: Hm. Okay, then, I'll just put a simplified version in.

Inkblot: What's with the first example? I don't think fans consider the Star Wars movies to be bad.

Aistin: I assume it's talking about the prequels.

Grr: There, fixed.

DomaDoma: Actually, I own a copy of MAD from the Sixties, and it's way better than when I started reading it.

The video game section is starting to get scary. Or is that just me.