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Fly: Snake gets slightly suspicious later on when finding a parachute caught in a tree ("No way, he'd be sliced up faster than an onion in an infomercial..."), and, sure enough...

Is that really what he says? I never managed to trigger that conversation. That's awesome.
  • Also averted with Combustion Man, who Word of God has confirmed did die.

Lale: That's Killed Off for Real, and this stock phrase is never used.

lunchlady55: Should we add Mustafa from Austin Powers? In the first movie, he falls down a chute into (apparent) flaming death, survives, is shot, survives ("WHY WOULD YOU SHOOT ME IN THE LEG?!?!") then shot again and apparently dead...only to come back in the second movie to fall off a cliff and break both legs (Could someone please throw me a band-aid or some anti-bacterial cream?).

The title of this trope needs to change from Noone Could Survive That to No One Could Survive That. The difference is between Peter Noone, being completely able to survive something, and a scenario where survivability is unlikely. And I have no idea how to change the title.