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  • The worst thing about this is that, from what little survives of her performance, Audrey did a GREAT job and would have fully deserved all of the credit which her voiceover artist got. She was screwed, first out of her singing role (of which she recorded every note) and then out of the oscar she should have won for it, and then they destroyed her tapes!

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"*Averted with Rosie from Valkyria Chronicles who has her singing voice provided by the main actresses in both English and Japanese. And in this tropers opinion Hedy "Yuna" Burress kicks her Japanese counterpart's ass, a rare achievement.
  • Ironically enough Yuna's English singing voice was also favourably compared with her Japanese counterpart in X-2, though that was a straight version of this trope. "

Unless I'm misunderstanding, it's a complete non-example, and shouldn't be here. I doubt this trope is prevalent enough to list aversions.