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Moved dubious entries here, Natter away:
  • Hosts are the DNA recipients, not the donors in cloning.
    • How is this nonindicative? Hosts of parties receive guests. Hosts of parasites had received those parasites. I'm not saying that there isn't a better word, but...
  • In Final Fantasy VII, the Materia Cubes are perfectly spherical.
    • Now this troper hasn't played the game in a while, but he doesn't recall them ever being referred to as cubes.

Nate The Great: Should we post on both this page and Exactly What It Says on the Tin that these two are inversions of each other?
Nohbody: At the risk of being accused of partisan politicking, is the "Joe the Plumber" entry really needed? His middle name is Joseph, and he's hardly the first person to use a middle name as the one he normally answers to. As for the plumber part, that sounds like it's splitting hairs. There were plumbers long before there was a formal union for them or a legislative requirement for licensing, and knowing how to work with/on plumbing isn't restricted only to those who have a license saying they have that knowledge.
Burai: Removed ...
*French toast was originally called German toast in America, but the name was changed during World War I due to anti-German feelings. The earliest written recipe for it dates back to fourth century Rome.
... because it's been "French toast" in the US since 1871; given, it's not a specifically French dish, but then it's not unknown to France either.
Nate The Great: What was wrong with the "The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, Roman, nor an empire" quote?

Nate The Great (later): It appears that it wasn't a genuine Voltaire quote. So what? Change the speaker tag if you must, but it was still a good quote!