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Taelor: While I admit I don't follow the series, the Inuyasha example seems more like Les Yay to me. There's nothing inherently squicky about girls spending time face down in each other's laps. Can someone more familiar with the series weigh in?

Mouser: Removed the following.
In fact, this entire trope is an immense, enormously insulting Double Standard, especially since those who feel this way (and who often go out of their way to belittle and abuse slash fans) are the first ones to squeal and screech in indignation if anyone even suggests that their hardcore porn featuring Ron Jeremy having violent anal sex with women with enormous fake boobs, fried blonde hair, and half an inch of makeup covering the needle tracks is anything but awesome. The moral of this trope is, what turns on a straight man is sexy, but what turns on a straight woman is only sexy if the man approves. It's all about the men.

Tricksterson: Is it wrong that I find so much of this appealing?

Sean Tucker: Regarding the picture, the fact that Harry looks like a miniature Simon in Victorian clothing made me laugh my ass off. Now someone just needs to shop Kamina's shades onto... uh... whoever that is holding him.

Doyle: I'll grant that some of these ships might genuinely squick people (the ones involving incest or kids) but a good quarter of this page seems to be just Complaining About Ships I Don't Like.
  • Insanity Prelude: That's what I was thinking.
    • Designated NPC: I'm see a lot of slash-type 'Oh, it would be hot if only [character] and/or [character] were hot, but they're not." Talking about Double Standards... Anyway, maybe the standards for being No Yay should be changed? Not just 'I don't like this pairing' or 'This pairing's fandom scares me,' but "Things That Normal People Would Look Askance At." Y'know: Incest, romance built on rape, adults with/for underaged kids...

CAD: This soooo should have been called Ho No.
  • TheCuza: I just found this page and immediately thought the same thing.
  • Except that not all of them are Ho Yay.
  • Designated NPC: Plus, as mentioned above, a lot of them are No Yay by fans who say they otherwise like slash/yaoi, except the participants have to be prettier than the ones they don't like.

Crowley: I'm fully aware of the shallow "Romance between ugly people is gross" view, so I'm wondering if my Halo example falls outside of this. My argument is that the Prophets aren't so much ugly people as they are evil Ballinchinians with camel eyelashes and exposed brains.