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Jordan: Does the long parkour scene at the beginning of Casino Royale count?

Orv: Re the Half Life reference: I wonder if the signs posted near many of the building doorways in Half Life 2, which say things like 'Danger: Confined Space' and 'Wear Your Respirator,' count as Lampshade Hanging?

Keith: Nah, the Casino Royale thing wasn't bad. There were temp railings and fences. It looked like any jobsite.

Sinister Teddybear: And besides, if I recall it did take place in Madagascar, which would likely have fairly lax safety laws as compared to the U.S.

Fire Walk: Cutting (Conversation in the Main Page, and not helpful description):

  • To be fair to Tom Godwin, interstellar travel seemed to be a very new thing in his story. As such it would be likely that procedures would not have yet been developed to cope with stupidity.
    • Though some, like having an open entrance guarded only by a sign, and not checking the storage facilities before take-off, are completely inexcusable.

Sinister Teddybear: I found that Mitchell and Webb example, rushed to add it to this page...and found I'd been beaten to the punch. Well done, whoever you are
Crap. I've forgotten the name of the movie, but Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery have to break into Alcatraz, which has been abandoned for years... and yet still has a fully-functional random flame deathtrap generator which they need to crawl through.

Fast Eddie: The Rock

Luthen: With the Firefly examples, I thought that Mal only ended up on the tiny balcony after going through a window. Which implies that Niska's station had better OSHA compliance.

Freezair For A Limited Time: The quote cruft was getting a bit loony, so I cut it down to the one that I feel works best. Here's the three I cut:

For all the amazing feats of construction engineering we've seen in Dwergenberg... For all the advanced technological skills and astoundingly beautiful architecture you dwarves have... Haven't you heard of railings??!!
— Lambert, Irregular Webcomic! #1528

"A friend of mine works at Sears, and he says they've got no moving platforms or open furnaces."
—Random Jak II Mook, Penny Arcade Safety in the Workplace

My vats of hazardous chemicals will be covered when not in use. Also, I will not construct walkways above them.

Nohbody: Is it just me, or is the Chernobyl entry kinda needlessly long? I mean, there's a link to the full story, so why all the details, instead of just a brief summary along the lines of "poor design, poor personnel training, and poor planning"?

I have found a great picture for this page from Film/Forbidden, I shall try to get it as soon as I can. Maxmordon