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//What about shows whose main characters are mostly (or entirely!) No Name Given characters? Winx Club, Foster's, and Totally Spies! comes to mind... (although since Foster's is about imaginary friends, this may be more a case of Only One Name.) — Ungvichian

Ununnilium: I think we need a firmer line between this and Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep" - a lot of these seem like Barkeep-style titles.

Trogga: Yeah, a lot of the examples belong in different pages, like Only One Name.

Shire Nomad: Moved Truman to the "that IS his name" sublist.

Umptyscope: Clint Eastwood also played another nameless man in the... ahem... western musical Paint Your Wagon. Rescued and nursed back to health by Lee Marvin, everyone called him "Partner" (he went into business with Martin) until the end of the film, when he revealed his name was "Sylvester Newell."

Johnny E: Is there any particular reason this isn't called "Man With No Name"? That seems like the perfect title... Concise description of the trope, something laymen are likely to refer to it by, a relevant and well-known pop culture reference and a mirror of City with No Name.
Fly: Okay, the picture is funny but it's neither an example of this trope (the focus of the reader is on Scamp) nor looks like it might be (the other characters look like minor characters compared to Scamp). The Parental Favoritism caption just detracts further from what the trope actually is. What happened to the picture of Clint Eastwood that used to be here?