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Antheia: Cut the following from the A Beautiful Mind example:
  • In Real Life, anti-psychotic medications impair most major mental functions. They're really broad in effect because nobody quite knows how to precisely treat or cure psychosis or schizophrenia right now.
    • Er, at the risk of of starting a conversation in the main page, the above comes across as a tad overbroad... could someone come in with a more exact "cite"? I'm not exactly an expert on the subject myself, but I think there's some more middle ground between "slight possibility of some minor side effects" and "will turn you into a drooling zombie." (Last sentence added for good natured levity. :) )
    • This troper has actually experienced the drooling idiot side effect from a trilafon/haldol/disipermine cocktail. Added bonuses: precipitous drops in blood pressure whenever standing up, weight gain due to severe drop in metabolism (went from size 4 to 14 in 3 months), caffeine addiction from attempts to stay awake longer than 15 minutes at a time (at a doctor's recommendation), new sensory hallucinations, falling asleep and entering REM state with eyes wide open, and the desire to spontaneously combust. Forget about higher math, try 'had trouble making complete sentences.'