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Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant launched as Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant Discussion: From YKTTW

Prfnoff: Not a subjective trope. Removing the Nightmare Fuel index bar made the "Subjective Trope" bar go away.

RichardAK: I removed this example:
*** Or in Anglo-Saxon influenced cultures, how about Ring Around the Rosey, that sweet childhood song about burning the corpses of Bubonic Plague victims. This song qualifies as High Octane Nightmare Fuel in its own right.

Because Ring Around the Rosey has nothing to do with the Plague. This is a myth.

Nezumi: For the love of God, someone, tell me where I can find out more about this "My Imaginary Friend" game, unless a malicious troper made it up. I've found nothing relevant on any of Google,, Ebay, Drivethru RPG, or Lulu, but it sounds incredible.