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Penguin_Factory: Just wanted to point out an error on the Sky1 page- you can get Sky in Ireland as well as the UK.

Ununnilium: Need to link this up to... somewhere. Any ideas?

Looney Toons: I already put this in the sidebar a week or so back. It's basically a new top-level topic because it doesn't fit under anything else.

Ununnilium: Heh, didn't see it there. Check For Orphans doesn't recognize it, though.

Ununnilium: Isn't The CW a network? >>

Morgan Wick: I think it was listed where it was because it hadn't launched yet.
Chrome Newfie: As per my previous efforts, please accept my contribution about activities north of the 49th. ;)

Seth: Do we need the multi channel stuff? I mean adding all the smaller networks on cable and satellite would be a pain. We got Bravo, Men and Motors, Discovery, history, UK Gold, UK Home and leisure the list goes on and im only including ones provided by telewest.

Chrome Newfie: I was following the pattern set by the US entry, at least for now. I listed entries for the ones I know, but I'll probably clean up as I go along, one way or another. A big issue with our cable/sattelite stuff is how many of them may be merely a mirror of an existing US network, with Can Con influences. Some of them, however, are strong presences in their own right - Without Showcase, there'd be no Trailer Park Boys; YTV goes with most of the cg-style shows like ReBoot and Beast Wars, etc. And I'm definitely not going to list a network if it doesn't have strong national presence or visibility.
  • LATER EDIT - hold on a tic, I've a better idea, put 'em all on one dedicated page. See the change.

Seth: Thats probably the best solution *Salutes*

Nlpnt: I think there should be something about the technical origin of the term "network", i.e. the distribution of content over dedicated phone lines from the central ("network" in the modern industry sense) studio to the local stations vs. using rebroadcasters or delivery of content on physical media, but I'm not sure how or where to slide it in without rewriting the whole main entry.