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-Z-: the claimh solais in Aria of Sorrow having the animation cancel thing wasn't a bug, as far as I can tell. certain weapons in the game had the cancel, besides that weapon. of course, the universal rules of nerfing state that anything good in a game must get nerfed out of being good, hence the loss of that speed from large swords and that cancel from everything but katanas in Do S and Po R. I'll leave the change to someone else's efforts though, because of course I might be wrong. —- Lightblade: I figured we needed an article on this. But I'm not really sure where to begin on this one, so I'm just putting up a basic definition for now just to get it out there for the Wiki Magic to flesh out later.

Samael: Ha, all I can say, which isn't much of a contribution, is: The game balance department of any MMO or webgame is the single least appreciated position in history. I'm pretty sure torturers in crooked prisons get more thanks than we do. From the prisoners.

Eric DVH: It's a common misconception that the successor of H1's pistol is the Magnum, everyone with more than two neurons to rub together knows that the mid-sniper and the bullet-hose were swapped between pistol and rifle in the two games for reasons I've seen all too many times.

I can't count the number of new players that foolishly favored the assault rifle over the pistol in the first title because of their experience with other games (I.E.: WolfenDoom-Life). Making the hose a pistol and the mid-sniper a rifle was a smart move, I'll admit that the BR isn't as powerful as it should be (my ideal would probably be Red Faction's precision rifle), but it was a step in the right direction. Putting a piece of filler garbage like the Magnum in was a dumb idea though.

Ununnilium: De-Conversation in the Main Page'd the Star Wars: Dark Forces entry.
I am the foam of my sword.
Plastic is my body, and air is my blood.
I have ploinked over a thousand people.
Unknown to injury,
Nor known to realism.
Have withstood thumps to create soft weapons.
Yet, these hands will never hurt anything.
The first entry about Ultima Online refers the "Tamer Nerf". If I'm not mistaken, this is more of an Obvious Rule Patch. Any objections?