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Naked Tech Support launched as Nerds Are Sexy: From YKTTW (Not original YKTTW).

Silent Hunter: Eli, again I'm pulling your "Sam Carter looks like Hilary Clinton quote". The fandom will disagree with you strongly.

Pulled quote:
  • She looks like Hillary Clinton! Every SG 1 fan claiming Carter is hot is suffering from this trope!

I slightly reworded the MythBusters example, and removed the comment below that which apparently misunderstood the meaning of the word notwithstanding:
  • The MythBusters. Kari notwithstanding.
    • Kari is still a nerd. And damn sexy. So she still counts.
    • Hell, Kari Byron should be the picture for this trope.

Silent Hunter: I think we need to separate "sexy nerd" from "nerd who gets all the attention".