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Ru: I removed the 'sinister implications' bit from the reference to E-Dust. Given that The Culture has access to Gridfire (described by one person as the weaponary of the end of the universe, quite justifiably... from Consider Phlebas) and subatomic engineering (the memory of the Minds is binary, formed of columns of neutrons and protons held in hyperspace, allegedly... from the same book), and that they have also defeated Hegemonising Swarms (which sound like rogue nanotech to me), mere self replicating nanobots are rather tame by comparison.

Kendra Kirai: What the heck? I didn't change the 2001/2010 reference...

Janitor: That change seems to have been made by Kimiko Muffin within 15 milliseconds of your change. So, we have a little audit-trial mechanical problem. Are the references right,now?

Andyzero: Now it is.

magetoo: I added a bit about Star Trek: Voyager and their "pet Borg". Someone who has the series in more recent memory could probably make that entry much larger with more examples and details on gratuitous nanoprobe use. It might also be interesting how nanotech degrades from highly magical to pretty ordinary stuff in the series. (My first contribution, by the way - be gentle, etc.)

(random passer-by): I think the entry needs something to the effect that nanotechnology has become an annoyingly common form of deus ex machina in speculative fiction, televised or otherwise, these days. I've quoted H. G. Wells before, and I shall do it again: "If anything is possible, nothing is interesting." This was, by the way, one of the reasons I disliked Star Trek: The Next Generation so much. Wesley could do anything. The holodeck could do anything. Nanomachines could do anything. Which deus ex machina would you like to wrap the episode up this week? Bleah.

Cambias: I'm not sure the 2001/2010 reference is accurate. The Monoliths are certainly self-replicating, but they're not nanotechnology — they're big honkin' black monoliths! I suggest that just be cut out.

Ununnilium: In the book version of 2010, IIRC, nanoscale monoliths were used to turn Jupiter into a star.

Cambias: I don't think you do RC in this case. The monoliths in the novel were macroscopic objects. Unless someone can find an actual reference to the monoliths being nanotech, I'm going to cut the item from this page.

Regulus: Put in a little bit about the Bebop movie. I'm surprised it wasn't in there already; it's a great flick!

jwdoom: in Cybergenerations, the Carbon Plague is fatal to adults, but it hasn't wiped them out. In fact the book has a section on how to integrate your Cyberpunk 2020 characters into a Cybergeneration game.

Slatz Grobnik: Corrected and elaborated the entry.

( ... sorry, I had the urge :] )

Nornagest: Cut the following —

** Hence, the phrase "let's fuck the Yuri Fan Mad Scientist who create the Nanomachine together" can be heard from some hetero-fan, then again, this is a Shounen series filled with Bishoujo ......

If someone can figure out how to translate this into English, it might be worth restoring. But from what I can glean, I kind of doubt it.