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This page is full of examples that directly contradict the instructions. A good amount of deletions are needed.

Terra: I'd like to point out that "White" isn't necessarily a subversion as it is associated with Death in Japan.

This page does seem a bit too long though and perhaps could be made into a category with subcategories of the type, be it "Evil is My Middle Name" for any names that are spawned from Scary and Bad words or "Don't Mess with the Beast" for animals or something to that effect...

Under adjectives, "craven" probably should be removed, as "craven" means "extremely spineless; cowardly," and therefore does not suggest something to fear.

Invisible Rabbit: This page is enormous! With so many examples per category, it's rather difficult to use. Could we trim it a bit, or discourage people from making new additions (although I just made one myself), or split it up into different sections?

Quantumtoast: ...OK, for some reason most of the page deleted itself after I tried to add the Dark One from Wheel of Time. (I guess this is why people avoid naming it...) Could somebody who's got access to copy-and-paste restore it from the page history? Sorry about that.

Harpie Siren: "Drake"? Yes, we all fear the vicious duck...

Mister Six: And with good reason.

Duckluck Damn it people, "fast" is an adjective, not an adverb! It should be "Things to run away from really quickly." I know I sound like Ununnilium with his "they is perfectly acceptable" nonsense, but I'm right, dammit!

Ununnilium: Yeah! ...hey, wait a minute.

Fire Walk: I can't believe you'd get so wound up about that, not when there's a stranded preposition to worry about.

Ununnilium: So, should there be a typical good-guy name page?

Phartman: All I can think of to add would be Jack, John and Helen. That's apparently all Hollywood can think of, too.

Mister Six: And Jack and John are technically the same name anyway.

Seth: Jack used to be a name associated with criminality. Hence why when a serial killer strikes london the papers call him Jack The Ripper. It's harder to pin down good guy names.

Mister Six: Well there's Jack Bauer from 24, Jack from Lost, Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack from Doctor Who, Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy books, Jack from Titanic, Jack O'Neill from Stargate SG 1 etc etc...

Fly: I'd just like to say that this is my favourite page on this site so far. Well done.

Scrounge : How about people with colors in their names? Shades of red and black, especially. Are there enough to make it worth adding?

Earnest: I think you'd have a paragraph just from reds and blacks, let alone the Emo Kid grays.

Seven Seals: "For much the same reason it's unlikely Steve will turn out to be the villain bent on absorbing the planet's life stream to ascent to Godhood..." Well, unless the story's being written by Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon or one of those other modern authors who love to subvert those unsubverted tropes. Not sure if that should be added, though. (They also often subvert in the opposite direction, by having characters with grandiose names who are not that threatening.)

Earnest: Actually, Joss did subvert it with "Skip", the demon covered in black chitin spikey armour. Really friendly, too. Hmm, maybe add a sentence or two with a link back to Fluffy the Terrible and/or Killer Rabbit?

arromdee: Neil Gaiman did play it straight at least once, in Black Orchid, where he threw several plant-related names in for no real reason, though that's more of a Theme Naming.

Ruthie A: According to wikipedia, Xeno is "a prefix based on the Greek word 'Xenos', meaning stranger". I don't know if that has anything to do with this page, but I figured it might be good to know...
arromdee: Some of these names aren't names in the sense of being born and being named that by your parents. Blade's real name is Eric, and the list also has Jaws and Deathevn.

arromdee: Considering that if you allow names that people got after becoming bad asses rather than being born with them, you need to include Batman and Wolverine, I've decided to take out as many of those names as I can recognize. Please fix any mistakes you find (I'm not sure about Clamps, for instance.)

Cassius335: Maybe we should have a section for specific characters that, by the time you know their name, you should already be running. Could be a Bad Ass, could be a Yandere, doesn't matter, you should already be getting the hell out. Specifically Tendou Souji from Kabuto. If you actually stick around until he's finished, you're pretty much toast.
Could we erase the "original historic persona was X" part, especially when the original historic persona was nothing of the sort? Like Lucretzia and all?

Red Shoe: I can't find a place for it here, but I think that the real cincher, in terms of names that doom you to be evil, is "Tobias"

Cassius335: The guy off Animorphs?

Master_Prichter: What about David Faustino?

Seanette: "Tobias" usually makes me think of the Sweeney Todd character.
arromdee: Kitana is not a weapon. Whoever put that in was thinking of "katana".

Removed this:

  • 'Dracula' comes from the Romanian word 'drac' which means 'demon'. 'Dracula' can be loosely translated into 'the demon thing'. This has nothing to do with dragons. Additionally, 'Dracula' is based on a real nobleman named Vlad Tepes. He is also known as Vlad the impaler because he, often on a whim, enjoyed sticking people on pikes and watching them die as they were sliding downwards with a spike through the chest. Because he was so cruel and bad ass(but not the kind of bad ass you'd want to meet), various fictional stories have been written about him. 'Dracula' is a nickname in a work of fiction given to Vlad Tepes. In other words 'Dracula' was not originally a birth name. Over the years, as the legend was translated and recycled 'Dracula' became a birth name and many people assumed the name is somehow connected to Dragons. I talk too much.

from under Dracula. Vlad Dracul, the father of Vlad Dracula, was given the surname Dracul after he was initiated into the Order of the Dragon in 1431. While "drac" might mean "demon" in Romanian, the Order of the Dragon and the surname Dracul is from Latin (as an aside, in Romanian, the Order of the Dragon was called "Ordinul Dragonului"). "Dracula" merely means "Son of Dracul" or "Son of the Dragon".
  • Xerxes (Fought the hero of the Manga Reborn and nearly won)

.... nnnooooo, that's XANXUS. Unless his name was based on it, and I personally have no knowledge of anything official saying it has.
Damian Wayne could probably be listed under Damiens. —Document N
arromdee: Took out a bunch of names that people got after becoming badasses, though I left ones like Red Sonja in, since while that's not a birth name, the name doesn't have any in-story connection to her fighting ability either.

And I can't believe someone actually put "Wolverine" in as an example. Sheesh. How about Daredevil? I mean, "devil", right? And Batman.
A. Lurker: This page may be growing a bit out of control, and I find some of the examples hard to get. 'Blixa Bargeld'? The character may well be badass (this is the first time I've ever heard of them), but if you speak German the name is no more intimidating (and in fact, sounds sillier) than 'Johnny Cash'.

Earnest: Here's a few proposals for a solution, all independent of a thorough cleaning of the examples:
  1. Ditch the examples save for maybe two-three per category. It will clean it up and make it traversible. Downside, we lose a lot of examples.
  2. Make it an "index" like Useful Notes. Pro, we keep most of the examples. Con, it adds a wee bit more time to go through the whole thing.
  3. Folders. The new mechanic Fast Eddie implemented with folders would allow us to keep the examples all on the same page.

    Example Fodler 

We can also limit this to villains and Anti-Heroes, or just villains in order to keep things simple. Maybe make a "Names To Run Towards Very Quickly" for heroes and/or "Names To Stroll Away From At A Leisurely Pace" for Anti-Heroes, antivillains, etc.
"Humongous Mecha Only: Mecha Names Including The Letter G" Does "Evangelion" count? Most of the examples start with G, and there's only one that doesn't. Then again, anyone who can honestly say that they'd like to be on Unit 01's bad side during a berserk rage is either lying, an idiot, or hasn't seen the show.

Kamino Neko: Not sure if it's really worth editing the main article over, so I haven't, but I do feel the need to nitpick a comment made in the Highlander name list under 'K sound' - Connor and Duncan are not Kimmies - 'Kimmies' are EVIL Immortals, due to the prevalence of names (given names, family names, or epithets) that start with K sounds among the evil Immortals, whereas the good ones don't necessarily start with a 'k' sound - the others listed are all proper 'Kimmies', but Connor and Duncan are just regular 'Immies'.

Earnest: Well, you could just take out Duncan and Connor for all the reasons listed above, or just clarify that while they fit the trope, they aren't "Kimmies" as the show defines them.

Kamino Neko: Yeah, I've gone ahead and removed them as much because the body of the article refers to villains and dark anti-heroes (which neither of the Mac Leods is, except for the periods where each of them experiences a Dark Quickening) as because they're not Kimmies. (Hahaha! I found a justification besides knowing way too much about Highlander-specific fan terms!)

Kalle: This article has too many quotes! I'm taking some out for now, but I'm leaving them here in case someone wants to switch them out:

"Vanderbeam insists that Obdrath von Lucifuge is a perfectly reasonable and kind CEO of a multi-trillion credit company."
- Mr. Jinx, Starslip Crisis

"Frankly, we should be catching these people earlier. I mean, if you have a kid named 'Death-tron' enrolled in school..."
Batman: What's the scary lady's power?
Tamara: I'm not sure, but the others call her "Bombshell".
Batman: Oh that's encouraging.
- Batman Beyond "Mind Games".

arromdee: If you're limiting it to villains, there are a ton of characters who don't belong. Ari (Lion), Eagle Riders, Kiba from Naruto, Solid Snake... Really, heroes can be badass too.

Kizor: I'm not adding this, but the last name "Simm" is a sign to abandon reality immediately. The guy'll be all right, but he's a Brain in a Jar trapped in a solipsistic virtual world and things are about to get much worse.

Rainbow: Does Scorpius Malfoy really count? He may be Draco's son, but he isn't necessarily a villain or even a dark anti-hero. His personality really isn't shown in the epilogue, so he could be dark and evil but he could also be a very sweet, cutesy person.

Metz77: With the page divided like this, I'm not exactly sure where to put aversions, so I'll mention it here: Steve, the Legend Viper of Fire from the terrible indie game The Demon Rush.

Megabyte: I would suggest a new category for characters named after death or the concept of oblivion. Three candidates i have are the grim reaper from legend, Darth Nilus from Kot OR II, and Omega from Mega Man Zero. each of these characters is heavily forshadowed in their own fiction and drives terror in the hearts of the protagonist.

Axlion the Unregistered: I searched the page, but did not see M. Bison anywhere. Or is that because he isn't worth running from?

Caswin: That's probably because his name in and of itself isn't that foreboding. If you can find a place for it, go ahead.

Silent Hunter: Where would Quinn go?

Chabal 2: Does anyone else think Suffer-Not-Injustice "Old Stoneface" Vimes belongs here? Good nickname and kickass first name, and as for darkness, regicide, even committed on a pedophile appears to be a very dark and horrifying crime to the Ankh-Morporkians...

Redneck names? I thought such stereotypical names were supposed to be contemptible, unless maybe you just watched Deliverance.

Where would Lady Snowblood fit?