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Tzintzuntzan: This (and Crash-Into Hello) are really subsets of Meet Cute, aren't they? I think the Meet Cute entry should get its own sub-entry list, with all the standard ways of meeting cute having their own entry.

Looney Toons: Agreed.

Geroshabu: Disagreed. Also, Tsukisaki Yuu from Pastel should be added in my oppinion.

Sikon: Actually, when Shinji, Misato and the other guys meet Asuka on the ship, she slaps Toji. And that's because he shows her his private parts after she deliberately tricks him into looking under her skirt.

Dr Dedman: Uh no, they are introduced, the wind blows her skirt up (we don't see her undies, but they animated more than they showed). Asuka slaps all three of them (offscreen over the title splash). When we cut back all three have slapmarks (Kensuke through his camera), THEN Toji gets into the act and gets slapped AGAIN. Of course the English episode title (originally only used for the second half) is "Asuka Strikes".

Dr Dedman (again): Removed this, because the viewer never cottened on to the fact they were describing the above scene..

  • IIRC there was a mecha show on [adult swim] (posably a Gundam) where a guy did this intentionally, he was a friend of the main character and had just droped his hat and was retrieving it when a rather bitchy new pilot who they were meeting appeared and had her skirt slightly blown up. She slaps the guy and the main character and said thats the price for seeing her underwear, he responded by dropping his pants and underwear flashing her saying that she paid to much and this was her change

Heartbreak: Your description of the scene douse not mention the memorable joke or the fact that the guy responded by flashing her, I never really watched EVA, but from what I have read here the scene did not sound like it fit with the show thank you for telling me.