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From YKTTW Working Title: Non State Superpower
so why does this article need to be deleted? What is so deadly about 1 red link that the article gets destroyed? If it is about the formatting I stayed very close to the original YTTW, does it need to be changed?
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  • I'm pretty sure a tank costs more than $100. Did you mean $100 thousand?
    • isn't that $100 per cannon shell?
  • According to The Other Wiki:
  • Nod started by controlling over 50% of the World's most valuable resource, and they still weren't strong enough to take on actual superpowers. I think they're quite justified, even if they're a Non State Superpower. By Tiberian Sun, they've effectively become an actual state.
  • The Traitor Legions are an example of this because they wield armies powerful enough to take on the Imperial forces in battle despite not having a massive infrastructure. In their case there are justifications, tho. They took with them all the stuff they had before they turned traitors, and regularly get new equipment by looting Imperial equipment or by buying/trading with the Dark Adeptus techpriests. Also the Nature of the warps causes the laws of physics to be rather malleable which might help.

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