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Working Title: Awesome Animal Senses: From YKTTW

Erica MZDM: Currently working under a thesis of 'animal senses are almost never portrayed as worse than those of humans', if that isn't clear enough from the article. <_< As such I'm counting Aversions as when an animal is clearly stated/shown to have subhuman senses, and Subversions as gags where the set up is people expecting the animals to be able to perceive colors(scents, sounds, etc).

...I'll stop dithering now.

Erica MZDM: Primate != human level color vision. <_< Momo is a pseudo-lemur-thing. Real lemurs apparently have color vision ranging from "tri-chromatic, but less sensitive than humans" to "Pretty much mono-chromatic"(for nocturnal species'). Does anyone mind if I remove that comment?

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: I went ahead and removed that part. (Lemurs have dichromatic vision, if I'm not mistaken.) Also, this part is pretty misleading:
While many animals do have interesting and novel abilities, they also tend to lack some of
the senses humans consider to be completely mundane - tri-chromatic vision most obviously
Insects are the most numerous animals on the planet, most of them are trichromats, although they tend to see in green/blue/uv instead of red/green/blue. Most vertebrates are trichromats or tetrachromats, and some birds are actually pentachromats. Humans only have exceptional color vision by mammal standards.

And personally, I'd say that failing to mention that an animal character is colorblind isn't a big deal if there's nothing to indicate that they aren't. After all, most colorblind humans get by without too much difficulty.

The assumption that all animals see straight ahead (complete with depth perception) is a much bigger offender in this catagory. And let's not get started on how no one ever acknowledges that snakes are deaf.

Johnny E: How about a "Real Life straight examples" section? There certainly are some bizarre senses out there.