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Xanatos Suicide launched as My Death Is Just the Beginning: From YKTTW

Working Title: Xanatos Suicide: From YKTTW

Arutema: Removed BioShock entry. Ryan's death doesn't, and isn't intended to advance Ryan's schemes. Fontaine's death in the backstory was fake, and doesn't quite count.

Meiriona: why all the spoiler tags, its a DEATH TROPE for crying out loud.

Big T: Don't complain. This a wiki. If you don't like something, fix it.

Zephid: Oh, I don't know, because this is usually part of a Twist Ending? Would you rather remove the spoiler tags and just give a warning of major spoilers? I figure either way works.

Switched Jesus Christ out from under the Chronicles of Narnia. The ur-example of this (whether or not you're a Christian) should probably not fall under the C.S. Lewis subheading.

Thausgt: The other "dying-and-reborn god" archetypes are part of their various source cultures' explanations for why the entire universe doesn't just turn to nothing after the sun sets after the Winter Solstice or whatever. The thing that makes Jesus' sacrifice unique is not that it was so limited (it was just to "cleanse the sins of mankind", as opposed to "cleansing the sins of all sentient life", or "cleansing the sins of all lifeforms"), but that through this one act, it accomplished its goal for all eternity. The other archetypes had to make their sacrifices every year, forever, and if they screwed up even once, the universe ended.

Technicolor Pachyderm: Would Dr. Mabuse (as portrayed in "The Testament of Dr. Mabuse") count for this, or is he just extremely good at taking advantage of a bad situation? I mean, not only does he use his state-protected period of madness to carry out crimes from afar, but even after he dies he's able to "possess" the head of the asylum to carry on his work.