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Mister Six: Wasn't there a Magical Realism trope? It seems to have vanished. Anyway, that's the real world name for mundane fantastic...ness.

Tanto: Magic Realism.

Mister Six: I am the biggest idiot ever. :(

Master_Prichter: Someone please describe Planetes and Karin a bit better. Also, does this image fit ( a bit cropped, of course) as an article image? I mean... just look at it. Also, do I hotlink the image or link to the page or was it a bad idea to link to mangafox?

Mister Six: I'm of the opinon that Mundane Fantastic is just repeating Magic Realism and should be cut. They both boil down to "fantastic, possibly supernatural things happen without explanation and are treated as a functional part of that universe". Mundane Fantastic has an implication that the weirdness is not registered as unusual by the people it affects, but that's equally true of some cases of Magic Realism.

Tanto: How about this possible division:

1) The world contains fantastical elements, but the story doesn't rely on them. They're peripheral, used for one-of plots/jokes or background noise. (For example, Seinfeld.) The world is basically the same.

2) The world contains fantastical elements, but the world at large doesn't know they exist. The characters know about and interact with the fantastical elements, but no one else does. The world is basically the same to muggles, but not to the protagonists. See also Planet Eris.

Different enough?

Mister Six: The first one is fine. The second one I'm not so sure about. One of the points of Magical Realism / Mundane Fantastic is that the magical elements are a "regular" part of the world. Like in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Hero - people can fly. They just can. They don't have to be taught to, they don't have to join a special flying cult or cast a spell. They just fly, and that's how that world works. The wider world doesn't pay any heed to it because that's just the way things are. See also Snoopy the walking, writing dog. He's not a secret that people keep from anyone - he just is.

Or are you talking about rewriting one of the tropes so that it means something completely different?

Tanto: Yeah. No need to dump a perfectly good name. If they're too similar right now, just pull them apart some.

Mister Six: Oh, right. Sorry! Forget what I just said then.
That Other 1 Dude: I don't really see how The Simpsons falls under this, and if it does why Family Guy or South Park wouldn't also qualify.