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  • Dead Like Me is all about dead people who are stuck in an afterlife that's just like their actual life, only worse. (Temp jobs, bad apartments, and having to occasionally see people they used to know without being recognized all comes with the territory.)
    • Actually, even though they're all dead, they're not in the afterlife. They just have to keep living regular lives, with the added component of being Grim Reapers. We never actually see what the afterlife is like.
      • I thought they had personalised ones for the people not becoming reapers, I remember a kid going to a carnival and one character remarking seeing a guy "crawl right back into his mother".
      • We don't know what the afterlife is like those personalized things are just to get them to go to the afterlife peacefully there is no indication that the little girl actually lives in a carnival forever or anything like that. Basically we see a doorway but it's never revealed what's on the other side.

So... not an example.