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Working Title: Mugged For Disguise: From YKTTW:

reply: A subtrope of What Happened to the Mouse?.

reply: I refuse to believe we don't have this already.

reply: I think the TK-421 is a bit obscure for the name

How about Mug These Guys For Disguise

or just Mugged for Disguise

It's frequently used with the heroes luring the victims into an alleyway.

In the Discworld novel Jingo, Nobby and Colon tried to pull this on a couple of guys in Al Khali and in the usual subversion, get mugged themselves and have their clothes stolen

reply: I agree with Heliomance, but I brought it up on the IRC channel, and no one could figure out what it was called. So I listed it.

Also, Mugged for Disguise is good. I wanted to give it a catchy title so people could find it, but I think I'll change the title to that before I launch.

reply: On the off chance we don't have this, the guards will have one of three things happen:
  1. Die.
  2. Be hog tied and left in their Goofy Print Underwear.
  3. Never seen or mentioned again.

reply: this is off-topic, but what actually happened to those guys? did they sneak off the falcon unseen? Were they still tied up ON the falcon when the ship left?

reply: the OT response: Always check Wookieepedia. These characters have entire lives offscreen. Wookieepedia says that the troopers were discovered after the firefight in the detention block. TK-421 was returned to the Death Star where he was safe. Safe forever.

reply: I wonder what happened to TK-421 after Episode 4.


reply: I thought the guy was referring to a "Typhoon"-class submarine...

reply: He died.

He got shot. By a blaster.

EDIT: The EU doesn't make sense here.

reply: Meryl does this to Johnny Sasaki in Metal Gear Solid. Justified in that Snake's in a cell at the time, and can't see more than a glimpse of what's going on through the slit in the door.

reply: I also refuse to believe we don't have this one.

That is to say, Dressing as the Enemy already specifically contains this. "Note that the guard the hero knocks out is always wearing the right size uniform to fit him perfectly. (Except in subversions, in which case it fits him very poorly)."

reply: An argument could be made that while the two are related, Dressing as the Enemy is about what you do with the disguise, while Mugged for Disguise is about how you get it. Admittedly most uses of Dressing as the Enemy go that route, but you could have them just find and spare uniform, or create their own like they did in The Great Escape. And you might Mug For Disguise someone who isn't really the enemy, just someone with the right outfit. Like in The Living Daylights, the Russian assassin mugs a milkman to steal his uniform and get into the MI-5 safehouse. The milkman isn't the enemy, he just had the right outfit.

reply: I say this is already covered under Dressing as the Enemy.

reply: Sounds to me like it's covered by Dressing as the Enemy and/or What Happened to the Mouse?.

As for TK-421, I agree with that he was probably shot and died. If not, he probably died when the Death Star went Kablooey.

reply: Yeah, Dressing as the Enemy probably qualifies. But if this gets launched as a separate trope or sub-trope, then definitely include Indy punching out the Nazi guard in the Submarine dock in Raiders Of The Lost Ark and trying to put on his too-small which point the guard's boss comes along, thinks Indy is a Nazi, berates him for his slovenly appearance, and gets kicked into unconsciousness for his trouble. Indy then steals the boss guard's uniform, which fits much better. Neither the guard nor his boss are ever heard from again.

reply: We know what happened to the Spaceball troops. It'd make a great a great page quote.

"HEY! Those are the guys that stole our uniforms!"

"And beat the shit out of us!"

reply: See, I thought this was basically Fridge Logic; What did happen to him? As in, why wasn't he on the Millenium Falcon after the Death Star escape?

reply: This may be a subtrope of Dressing as the Enemy, but it's definitely not the same as the main trope.

  • Dressing as the Enemy includes several scenarios where the enemy isn't beaten up.
  • The page also omits examples for Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs, which is rather appropriate, since they aren't good examples of Dressing as the Enemy, but they are good examples of Mugged for Disguise.
  • Furthermore, some examples of Mugged for Disguise don't count as Dressing as the Enemy, like The Living Daylights.
  • And finally, the subversions of the tropes are different. Subversion of Dressing as the Enemy results in either ill-fitting enemy uniforms or an enemy who sees through the disguise. Subversion of Mugged for Disguise results in the muggers getting beaten up and possibly having their clothes stolen.

reply: Corpses generally don't move about...

reply: Whether or not he was dead, it still seems like an odd thing to never mention again; It's easier to forget about the guy whose costume you stole when you didn't put him in your vehicle afterwards.

reply: It might have jumped up the movie rating if they showed them dumping the bodies out of the Millenium Falcon's airlock...

reply: Seen in a number of French-Belgian comic books, such as Astérix (specifically "Asterix and the Goths").

reply: I've made a few changes and I wanted to bump this for any final comments before I launch.

(Also, I've located a few more possible uses: Three Stooges: Back from the Front and the Guns of Navarone)

reply: Nothing in Super Luser's rebuttal persuades me that this is splittable, but I'm gonna drop it before I go all Serious Business.

reply: Common parody: Hero pulls Mook offscreen. Cue violent fisticuffs, offscreen. A shifty-looking mook walks away. A few seconds later, the hero walks back onscreen, badly beaten.

reply: End of markup

I am also informed that this is featured in Final Fantasy VI and Scary Movie 4, but I can't confirm.