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Ununnilium: Fanservice isn't just for anime, after all. Crapface: I agree.

Guy Smiley: I love the irony - come to this trope, get the ad for the dating service with the two attractive women Showing Some Leg. Most Tropers Are Presumably Male?

Why is this trope marked as subjective? The male dominance is a fact, and so are the tropes that follow!
That is very subjective. Lets not even go there. I am female and I don't buy this. There are far more shows on tv geared to a female audience then male. Buffy has more then half female writers. Jane Esperso, head writer. Lost is clearly written for a male /female audience, as they like to parade cute men. Supernatural(a great unnoticed show!) is..well, not written for female viewers, but is mindful of them, certainly. True Blood IS written for female viewers. No question! I notice far more books written by women then men in the fiction part of the bookstore, except for non contemporary literature. Even men often write under female pen names when they write romances and such. Lets be a bit more objective and go case by case with this one?

Silent Hunter: It does vary. I'm currently reading The Writer's Tale, an exchange of emails between Russell T. Davies and Benjamin Cook, a write on Doctor Who Magazine. You can see there that RTD is clearly letting the fact that he is gay influence his writing of male characters. In fact the "gay agenda" is clear to see in the show itself in the fanservice regard. When Steven Moffat takes charge, we might see things swing the other way.