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Violet: I removed Humongous Mecha, I'm pretty sure its not Mecha if it doesn't look humanoid.

Semi-Known Troper:Removed this:
  • Turned right back on itself when it's revealed that yes, there are far more cities, but unlike the fairly easy-going London and Anchorage, they're mostly populated by avaricious slave-murdering bastards or militaristic lunatics, and have been turned into complete hellholes by sixteen years of war. Let's not even go into what the Anti-Traction League is like under Stalker Fang; Stalinist is the nicest way of putting it.
As the idea of Apocalypse Not is that society has recovered to pre-armaggeddon levels in terms of its complexity. The fact that Humans Are Still Bastards is not really relevant.

Large Blunt Object: Ack, I was trying to point out that the previously unknown world is tearing itself apart anyway, but got carried away with the nasty... blame too much time editing Warhammer 40,000 and Crapsack World.

Nano Moose: Was it really a Downer Ending? I know a lot of people die, including quite a few main characters, and it made me cry like a baby, but I thought the point was that everything finally settles into a kind and peaceful future. Wouldn't Bittersweet Ending fit better?

:Added same. Without the epilogue, it'd be more of a downer, definitely.