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Mr Etaoin Shrdlu: Wow, don't you think we should resurrect the Orphan Checker? It would certainly streamline the process of cutlisting and deleting a bunch of pointless stuff.

[Realizes they're actually advocating saving a page]

[Considers turning in Lumper badge]

Cassius335: Orphan Checker?

Seth: The site used to have an orphan checker listed entries with no index mark up, but no-one used it in ages so it got wiped. This used to be it.

Citizen: So.. should this be put on the cut list then? The page's title seems like it could be put to use for an actual trope, though I couldn't say what...

Seth: ~ Puts hand on head ~ I don't have the strength. Please stop suggesting everything for cut list and renaming. This page has a purpose, it gives an index to pages that don't really fit elsewhere.

Janitor: Okay. Seth and Citizen need to sit down, have a cuppa together, and work things out in a civilised manner. Or boink, or something.

Ununnilium: Seth/Citizen, OTP!

Morgan Wick: What does OTP mean?

Tabby: OTP

Citizen: ...Shouldn't be used just for lack of index ideas, though. Now treating this as an unwanted second Orphan List and responding appropriately, cleaning out some of the pages that do have index markup, and tempted to strip the footnote markup from a few others. The Orphan Checker is there for a reason; using a pseudo-index like this to defeat it is not a solution. Tropes should be indexed unless there is a good reason why it can't and shouldn't be.

Mr Etaoin Shrdlu: I made some changes and cleaned some stuff up, however I don't know how to actually remove pages from an index and as such my changes are haphazard at best. Are you a bad enough dude to - aww, forget it.

Prfnoff: Moved a lot of entries to Administrivia.